The Facts

    • 1

      Issue 7 extends the small tax on cigarettes and alcohol to protect the benefits from the public’s investment in the public-owned sports facilities in Cuyahoga County.

    • 2

      Our sports facilities are important: 75 million visitors, $5 billion in economic activity, more than $400 million in local tax revenue, and thousands of family-supporting jobs.

    • 3

      Our teams have paid nearly 100% of the operation and upkeep costs for our facilities for the last 20 years, and they pay us millions every year in rent and taxes.

    • 4

      After 20 years of heavy use, our sports facilities need major repairs. These repairs are the public’s legal responsibility, but the teams will keep paying the majority of operations and maintenance costs.

    • 5

      Issue 7 is small. Residents, tourists, and visitors pay just a few pennies on a bottle of beer, glass of wine, and pack of cigarettes, and none of the funds from Issue 7 will go to the teams or their owners.

    • 6

      Without Issue 7, the City and County could have to make deep cuts to important services, to pay for legally required upkeep.

    • 7

      Issue 7 is not a new or increased tax. It will not increase what we currently pay for cigarettes and alcohol.

  • Issue 7 extends the same few pennies we’re paying now
    • Only 1.5 cents per bottle of beer
    • Only 1 cent per glass of wine
    • Only 4.5 cents per pack of cigarettes